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Affinia On the Cover of Advisors Magazine

Retirees! RMD Waiver deadline extended

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People + Money = Options

Special Needs Trusts: FAQs & Funding 🎧

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Talking about Covid-19 with People with Disabilities

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Caring for the CareGiver: Advanced Directives

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3 Financial Aid Facts for Families of People with Disabilities

5 Little Known Facts: The ABLE Account and Social Security

Part II - Whoa! My Child Isn't the Only One Getting Older!!

Whoa! My Child Isn't the Only One Getting Older!!

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The Power of Love: Happy 60th Ron!

Upcoming Presentations & Workshops- February

Reassessing Your ABLE Account Investment Choices

Wrapping things up with The New York Times and on to 2019

A Talk with My Parents Around Our Holiday Table

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FRAUD ADVISORY: Beware of Phone Calls with Social Security Caller ID

November 14th: The Real Lives Law and Creating a Vision for a Great Life

Impact of the 2017 Tax Law for Individuals with Disabilities

Working with SSI: Our Speaker Series Kick-off on October 10

ABLE Account Contributions and Social Security Income (SSI)

ABLE to Work, 529 Rollovers and the Saver's Credit

Appealing Financial Aid When You Have a Family Member with Special Needs

SSI,SSDI & More- Your Social Security Questions

February 28: An Insider's View of the Dept of Mental Health

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Speaker Series: Having the Talk, October 25

Tips on Using Second to Die Life Insurance and Special Needs Trusts

Grandparents Gifts to an ABLE Account

Using the ABLE Account: Case Study - For Representative Payees Managing Income & Social Security Benefits

Using the ABLE Account: A Case Study - Save and Have Control of Your Own Money

Using the ABLE Account: Case Study - Protecting Social Security Eligibility

Managing Trust Assets:Balancing Fiduciary Responsibilities with Needs of Beneficiaries

2017 Resource Guide for Adults with Autism in Massachusetts

Join us: Affordable Housing Options Beyond Section 8

Tips for Talking about Money and Future Roles with Your Family

January To- Do: Check Your Retirement Account Beneficiaries

January To- Do: Your Letter of Intent

Join Us January 11; The Next Level of Planning for the Cycle of Life

Social Security Announces 0.3 Percent Benefit Increase for 2017

More Than Your Average Housing Panel -

New England States Discuss Offering the ABLE Account

In the News - Planning for Individuals with Disabilities

Sharing a Slice and a Slice of Life: Celebrating Employment for People with Disabilities

Housing: A Variety of Options, November 7

Considerations When Planning a Home for Your Child with a Disability

Special Needs Planning Events for Parents and Siblings

Living Large is for Everyone

Answers to FAQs: How to Use the ABLE Account

Is the ABLE Account Right for You?

Special Needs Financial Planning Events - May 2015

Time Log and Trustee Fees for a Special Needs Trust

In the News: Employment for People with Autism

Shepherd Financial’s John Nadworny quoted in the New York Times

Creating a Circle of Supports, Wednesday, March 25

Service or Support? Two Case Studies

Important Questions to Ask When Applying for Government Benefits

Guardianship Workshop -Tomorrow Night 1/14

Knowledge and Tips for Guardians Panel Presentation

Top Ten "Need to Knows" about Guardianship

Guardianship Panel Discussion: Wednesday, December 10

How to Talk about the Money When Planning for the Future

The Letter of Intent : Plan for the Future Today

Caring for Caregivers

Life Insurance and the Special Needs Trust

Interviewing a Caregiver- Advice from an Expert

Fifteen Tips for Families of People with Autism

Tax Tips for People with Special Needs and Their Families

How Special Needs Planners Help in Divorce

Special Needs Planning in the Spotlight

Retirement Accounts and Special Needs Trusts

FAQs : Funding a Special Needs Trust

Our SibTips Ebook and Resources for Siblings

MFOFC Leadership Series offered in January

Special Needs Trust Distributions and Trustee Fees

Using the Letter of Intent to Plan for Your Child Today

Planning for a Child with Special Needs in Divorce

Keeping the I in IEP

Guardianship Considerations for Individuals with Disabilities

Housing for People with Disabilities

MA Events for Families of Individuals with Special Needs

Special Needs Checklist for Your Child: Age 16-22

Services vs. Supports for Individuals with Special Needs

Life Insurance and Special Needs Planning

Special Needs Financial Planning featured in FPA paper

Planning for Life after Special Education in Massachusetts

The Five Factors of Special Needs Financial Planning

Getting People With Disabilities the Jobs They Need

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Special Needs Financial Planning Newsletter

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Funding a Special Needs Trust : Part I

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