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SECOND EDITION! The Special Needs Planning Guide: How to Prepare for Every Stage of Your Child's Life

The Special Needs Planning Guide is a step-by-step companion for parents navigating the complexities of planning for the future of their child and family. Written by two experienced financial planning who are also family members of people with disabilities—Ron and James— this bestselling how-to guide is now in its second edition.

Throughout the book, readers will learn from the stories of other caregivers, get planning pointers and key questions to answer, and take action with the lists of Next Steps.

To help families customize the information, the new edition also offers a complete package of online resources, including a fillable Special Needs Planning Timeline, financial planning worksheets, and a Letter of Intent template families can use to map out their vision for their child’s life.

special needs planning guide_2nd editionWith clarity and compassion, Cynthia and John guide families in addressing five critical factors involved in special needs planning—family and support, emotional, financial, legal and government benefits factors—at every stage of their child’s life.

Revised, reorganized, and updated to reflect current law, this book gives families the advice, strategies, and actions needed to plan for both their future and the well-being and security of their child.

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Top 5 Planning Tips for Families

The authors discuss tips and techniques from the Planning Guide. 


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