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Sequoia is a financial firm for people who want to talk through their situation with experienced professionals and work toward securing their future. Our special needs planning team have walked the walk and know that planning for the future is about a lot more than legal documents. It's planning for the people and the money to provide a full life for your family member with special needs. We're all in to help you get there. 

Twenty-five years in the business says a lot. When our clients have important financial and life decisions to make, we are their sounding board for evaluation and advice. We are fully committed to being there for them, and for their children, throughout their life's journey. 

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In 2017, Investment News made a video telling our story as part of their GameChangers series. Take a look. 


HELLO! We are financial professionals: planners, investment managers and authors. We have different roles and skill sets but we are all focused on one thing: helping our clients achieve their goals.
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Our Mission and Motivation




We pioneered the field of  financial planning for families of people with disabilities. In 2007 we wrote the Special Needs Planning Guide, a first of its kind book, (and now a 2nd Edition (2021)!) to share our experience and knowledge and to help families and professionals properly plan for the future for people with disabilities. 



We have built relationships and our reputation through decades of educational outreach and service on the boards of statewide organizations.  We take great pride in having been instrumental in shaping policy regarding how services are delivered to families of people with special needs.



Planning for the future is about a lot more than legal documents. It's planning for the people and the money to provide a full life for your family member with special needs. We're all in to help you get there. 

In the Media

As thought leaders in the field of planning for people with disabilities, we are often quoted in the main stream media. Read more

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Company History

Our fantastic voyage to Affinia. 

  • Early 1990s

    John and Cindy expand their existing planning and investment management practices to begin a partnership specializing in working with families of people with disabilities. 
  • 2007 - The Special Needs Planning Guide

    Cindy and John recognized there was an urgent need for information about how to plan for a child with a disability.  Over the course of 2 years, they devised tools to break the complexities of planning for a lifetime into manageable pieces and built a process for families and for professionals to follow. They summarized all of this information in The Special Needs Planning Guide, published in 2007 by Brookes Publishing.  In addition to being a best selling guide for families, it became a text for professionals earning the Certified Special Needs Consultant designation. 
  • 2010 - The team grows

    In 2012, following 2 years in a general wealth management practice, Alexandria Dunn (nee Nadworny) joins John and Cindy to work with both the current and next generation of our client families. 

    The team now includes Jackie (client service - 2009) and a trading professional to support the growing practice. In 2018, Ben Nadworny has become an apprentice in the practice. 

  • 2019 - Welcome to Affinia!

    The combined practices, serving both clients with typical families, and clients with special needs, as well as trust management, has grown sufficiently to become an independent firm.  In October 2019, Affinia Financial Group is launched and by year-end Caitlin and Dawn have joined the ranks!

  • 2022 - The Special Needs Planning Guide- SECOND EDITION!

    Affinia, now a firm of 10, with Dylan and Nick, is proud to celebrate the publication of Second Edition of The Special Needs Planning Guide by Brookes Publishing!

  • 2023 - Welcome to Sequoia!

    In September 2023, the team joined Sequoia Financial Group. Sequoia has a structure to support our growth: a large investment team, specialized planning resources and state of the art technology and operational support.

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