Sat, Oct 08, 2022 @ 06:30 AM

Fall Workshops for Families

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Fall is a time that holds more than pumpkin spice everything and the gap between summer and the holidays. It's a time to think about intentions and moving forward toward and acting upon them; it's a time to focus on planning. 

Our complimentary workshops for families are in full swing. Take a look at the in-person and webinar presentations and let us know if you are able to attend or if you are interested in scheduling a presentation for your organization or group. 



The Sibling Experience


Alex + James_2022-3Brothers and sisters share the longest relationship in life.

We are excited to host The Sibling Experience Across the Lifespan, a presentation, panel discussion, and Q & A presented by The Massachusetts Sibling Support Network. Of interest to parents and siblings alike, the program will talk about sibling experiences, and offer strategies and tips for siblings with a special focus on having important, and sometimes challenging conversations.  

Hosted by Alex Dunn and Cindy Haddad of Affinia Financial Group.

Presenter: Zach Rossetti,PhD

Panelists: Shruti Tekwani, LMHC and Hillary Dunn Stanisz, Esq. 

Their bios can be found here:

Please join us!  This information may be very helpful and timely; there are many family-centered holidays coming up!