Patty Manko Wed, Dec 23, 2015 @ 08:00 AM 3 min read

Sharing a Slice and a Slice of Life: Celebrating Employment for People with Disabilities

Here are some of our favorite stories featuring creative employment opportuniites.

Sharing a Slice 

Small businesses make up half of our nation's economy.  They strive to create an experience more personal, more local and more meaningful for all of us.  Mozzeria, a pizzeria in San Francisco owned and staffed by individuals who are deaf, is featured as one of 100 stories of small businesses in America by the Small Business Revolution. See the short film below:

Mozzeria: A Small Business Revolution Mini-Documentary from The Small Business Revolution on Vimeo.


Marriott's New Hotel School for People with Disabilities

The Courtyard Muncie at Horizon Convention Center in Indiana opens this month and is profiled in this story from Yahoo.  This hotel will function as a traditional hotel as well as housing a training center where people with special needs will study to learn the hospitality industry and serve as interns. Read more here


Born this Way

The A & E network has premiered a docu-series called Born this Way which follows the lives of seven young adults with down syndrome and their families and friends in Southern California.Check out this clip of Sean's new job!