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Filing for SSI/SSDI: Expectations & Reality 

The Special Needs Financial Planning Team at Affinia Financial Group John Nadworny, CFP, CTFA | Cynthia Haddad, CFP, ChSNC | Alexandria Nadworny,  CFP, CTFA

Our educational outreach continues via webinar throughout the time of the  pandemic. Please contact Alex Nadworny via email - - to discuss an online presentation to your group.

Webinar 🎧Tuesday, June 16 at 4 PM

deniedIn 2019, 2,015,200 individuals applied for social security disability benefits and 723,900 or 35.9% of those applications were granted. (Source: Social Security administration )

Our webinar features Mark Bronstein, JD, an attorney who has been working with individuals claiming SSI and SSDI for two decades.  He will walk you through what to expect when you file for Social Security and actions you can take that may help you maximize the lifetime benefits for yourself and your children.
We will present:
  • A high level view of eligibility requirements
  • Planning strategies for families
  • Case Examples

Please join us!



About Maximizing Resources for your Family Member 

The Filing for SSI/SSDI webinar will talk about maximizing the public resources available, however the most effective means to providing an individual the opportunity to achieve a full life is to maximize both public and private resources.

exhausted-mature-man-rubbing-nose-bridge-after-wearing-3974777Service providers continue to struggle with limited budget constraints and high staff turnover.  Families who have tired of receiving minimal supports and services will often utilize their own resources to supplement those needed.  Although every individual has their own personality and needs, many dreams have been realized by creatively pooling resources between several families. 

The best way to identify and obtain services is to go directly to the gateway for those services. It is important to be educated when calling them directly; it may be helpful to gather information from other families or advocacy agencies involved with or knowledgeable about that specific service area. Once you know and understand the "rules of the road", ask to speak with a manager. 

As Certified Financial Planner Professionals™, we focus upon maximizing the resources families have available to plan for both their financial security and for the lifetime needs of their child with a disability. Please join us on Tuesday, June 16 for our webinar and contact us to discuss whether we can help you maximize your resources to provide a full life for your child. 


Mark Bronstein and Law Office of Mark Bronstein are not affiliated with Affinia Financial Group, Special Needs Financial Planning, or LPL Financial.

 The information provided in the presentation is for general information only and should not be considered an individualized recommendation or personalized advice. We suggest that you speak to a legal advisor about your individual situation.