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Innovative Housing Options for People with Disabilities

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Innovative Housing Options for People with Disabilities



There are many different living arrangements that work successfully for people with special needs. When exploring housing possibilities for your family member, keep in mind that each individual will have a unique set of preferences, support needs and financial resources available to them.

To help focus your time and energy on the most appropriate residential option or options, there are a few key elements to understand.

What is your timeframe?

Look at options that can work for your child in your chosen timeframe, as this may not be their forever home. It is not uncommon for people with disabilities to change their residence when the people and/or circumstances around them change. For families integrating self-determination into their planning, their child may have strong feelings about where and with whom they want to live. And of course, their feelings and opinions, as well as your own, may change over time.

Also think through the emotional side of a change of home for your child; are they ready to move out and are you ready for them to move out?

Assessing & Planning for Supports

When planning a home for an individual with disabilities, the cost of the physical housing may be a surprisingly small percentage of the total expense. Supports required for daily living range from individuals needing assistance in activities of daily living to those needing primarily supervision, safety and minor support.

When possible, encourage independence. Based upon your child's capabilities, try to teach and encourage them to be as independent as possible with their eating, activity and personal hygiene. 

Once you have identified the level of support your child requires, you must next determine how to best provide this support. For many, staff is usually the largest expense to be considered when quantifying the cost of your child’s residential options.  There are planning techniques that may be used to maintain the level of services your child requires and contain the costs within your budget.  

Planning for the fun.  Each person will have different activities, objects and/or people that they delight in. A goal for your planning should be to reach beyond your child’s baseline needs and provide the opportunity for an enriched and meaningful life for them. 

There is no one-size-fits-all best solution for all families. Your investment in a residence for your child is a factor in your own personal tax, retirement and estate planning. The key is to determine the best situation for you and your family as a whole.  

Learn more and hear from our panel of experts and family members in the upcoming webinar. 

Innovative Housing Options

March 22 @ 12 Noon

Screen_Shot_2015-09-15_at_3.12.55_PM-3In this webinar our panel will share information about various residential options and how you can utilize flexibility and creativity to find your unique housing solution.  

You will learn about: 

  • Housing options; a variety of different living arrangements including living at home, shared living, living independently and more
  • Elements to consider when planning for your child’s residential needs 
  • Where the money can come from  
  • There will also be a discussion of timing. When is the right time for your child and are you ready to let go?