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[Podcast] Planning for those with Special Needs

PODCAST Planning for those with special needsThe Beyond the Balance Sheet is a podcast to help families, advisors and professionals to understand the complex issues relating to their physical, mental and emotional well-being. 

Affinia's Cynthia Haddad, CFP®, ChSNC® talks with host Diana Clark about planning for people with disabilities. In the interview Cindy shares her personal motivation and role in helping establish the field of special needs planning. She shares stories, planning tips and tools and encouragement for parents and professionals to get started. 

Many thanks to the O’Connor Professional Group , hosts of the podcast, for their commitment to behavioral health support. 

  • [01:41] Cynthia Haddad tells why she co-wrote the book The Special Needs Planning Guide
  • [06:52] Cynthia suggests financial instruments that enable the disabled to inherit, and she stresses the need for an attorney
  • [08:23] Cynthia speaks about her brother with disabilities and how that led her to research and write the book
  • [11:15] What is the content of a letter of intent
  • [16:27] Cynthia discusses rivalries that come about regarding inheritance not being equal for all siblings and how vital communication during the planning stages is necessary

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